Update your garden fencing this summer

We can spend hours on our gardens, planting new bedding plants, building rockeries and water features and tending to our lawns but the thing that could be said makes the biggest impact is changing the fencing surrounding the garden.

Replacing old and worn fencing with new will probably make the most difference and choosing a modern style rather than the traditional larch lap can really update the look of the outdoor space. Vertical wooden fence panels are popular now and can be found in a variety of heights and with trellis tops if you want the privacy of a fence without feeling too enclosed. In most cases if there are concrete posts they will not need replacing but it is certainly worth getting gravel boards for the fencing to rest on as this will prolong the life of the wooden fence panels.

If you do not want the hassle of regularly treating the fencing with wood preserver then composite fencing panels may be a better option. These panels last for much longer than traditional wooden panels and require little if any maintenance.

Replacing fencing panels and posts can be expensive so if this is not an option, many people paint the panels instead. As long as the panels are not broken the fencing can be given a new lease of life by a coat of paint which is available in a variety of colours.