Stop those pests ruining your greenhouse plants

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be a great way to grow fruit and vegetables throughout the spring, summer and autumn months especially if it is heated as plants are protected from frosts but some garden pests take advantage of the conditions in a greenhouse and make it their home whilst feasting on the produce you are growing.

The most common garden pests tend to be aphids, slugs and fungus gnats and if these inhabit your greenhouse it is difficult to get rid of them, so prevention is better than cure. The first step to take is to keep the greenhouse clean and weed free. Every year the interior of the greenhouse should be washed down with soapy water and any dead plants should be removed. Shop bought compost should ideally be used as this is sterilised and so should be free of bugs and disease.

Checking the plants that are growing in the greenhouse regularly for pests means that you have the opportunity to act quickly to treat any possible infestation before it gets to be a problem. Insecticides can be used, or more eco-friendly solutions are usually available if preferred.

Finally, after the growing season allow the greenhouse to become cold by leaving doors and windows open as this will help to eliminate some pests that thrive in a warm environment.