Simple screening to ensure privacy in your garden

For many people, the garden becomes an extension of their indoor living space and so just as they do not want bystanders looking into their living room, they want to make their garden a private space too. Most modern houses are overlooked by other properties so the best way to achieve this is to plant screening around the garden, but which plants are best, and which will simply take over the garden in years to come?

 Bamboo is a popular choice for garden screening as it grows quickly but it is very invasive and can grow through walls, drains and floors if not properly contained. There are other plants that can provide screening that are not as invasive such as the climbing hydrangea. This plant can be trained to grow up a trellis attached to a fence, or a wall and its beautiful flowers will light up any shady spot.

If you want a deterrent for burglars as well as screening then pyracantha is a good shrub to choose. This evergreen produces fragrant white flowers in summer and gorgeous orange berries in winter which attracts hungry birds, but it has long, sharp thorns on its branches providing an impenetrable barrier around your property.