Save money on plants for your garden

Buying plants for the garden can cost a fortune but whether you want to fill up the pots and planters in your garden or install ornamental shrubs there are a few ways that you can reduce the costs and bag a variety of plants for free.

Joining a local horticultural group if there is one in your area is a good first step as like-minded gardeners will probably be interested in swapping plants and seeds. You may also gain knowledge about propagating new plants successfully from other people. Another way of getting new plants is by taking cuttings from plants that you like, with the owners’ permission of course.

Collecting seeds from plants that have gone to seed and storing them in a cool dry place ready for next year is another very good way to grow new plants. Seeds can even be collected from fruit and salad items that are past their best and dried ready to produce a new crop for the following year.

Plants in your garden that have become too big for the space they are in can be divided and given away or sold. Car boot sales often have plant stalls and bargain plants can be found to suit all tastes.