Outdoor Space

Easy ways to upgrade your outdoor space

Many people enjoy the outdoor space at their property nearly as much as they enjoy their indoor space especially during the summer months when entertaining in the garden and summer barbeques are popular. After a while though this much-used area may need an update to ensure that it can be enjoyed for years to come. What then should someone’s priorities be in terms of garden furniture, garden landscaping and planting to transform the outdoor space at a property?

The first thing to consider when wanting to upgrade a garden is to look at the bigger picture. The garden landscaping can make a huge difference to a garden and so you need to ask yourself a few questions. Does any of the fencing surrounding the garden need to be replaced because it is damaged and does the existing fencing need to be treated or painted? Once the boundary of the garden has been dealt with the next area to look at is any lawned areas.

Lawns are used a lot by families with children who may enjoy playing football on the lawn or use it for other outdoor activities. It is important that the lawn is hardwearing so that bare patches do not appear over time. Reseeding areas of the lawn with seed that is renowned for its hardwearing properties is a good idea as this will keep the lawn looking good all year round.

Paved or decked patio areas are the next area to turn your attention to in the garden when trying to upgrade these areas. Sometimes all slabs or decking needs is a good clean with a jet washer to bring them back to their former glory, but decked areas could need to be treated with a wood preservative to prevent deterioration and to stop the decking becoming slippery underfoot.

Planting in a garden brings colour and aroma to seating areas and should be chosen for these properties. Raised planters can be constructed out of wooden pallets and located around the edges of the seating areas to add interest to the space. Aromatic herbs planted in the beds will mean that they are handy for use in the kitchen as well as giving off a lovely smell when brushed against by visitors to the garden. Think about the height that the plants in the garden will grow to and plant taller plants at the back of flower beds and smaller summer blooming annuals at the front. Also consider the colours of foliage as well as the colours of the flowers as some plants have beautifully coloured and patterned leaves that create a wall of colour in any area of the garden.