Is gardening enjoyable?

For some people, there is nothing better than getting out in the garden and getting your hands dirty, for others, there is nothing worse! Gardening really is one of those things you often either love or hate. You may not enjoy gardening but do it because you get satisfaction out of it looking nice afterwards.

Some people find gardening therapeutic and choose to spend much of their spare time doing it. They get enjoyment out of planting seeds and watching them grow. Brightly coloured gardens and neat borders are exactly what some people need to boost their wellbeing.

If you are not sure if you like gardening or would like to try it but don’t really know what to do then why not enrol on a gardening for beginners course which will teach you the basics. You can then get more of an idea as to if it is something that you would like to take up as a hobby.

If you really despise gardening then you could always hire a gardener to come and give your garden a once over every couple of weeks or so. They will usually charge around £15 an hour and will often come as and when you need them too.