How to look after your new grass

There may come a time when you need to either lay down some grass seed or buy new turf to cover an area in the garden. Whether using grass seeds or turf you need to look after the grass especially well in the first few months to ensure that it lasts and takes root.

Before buying any grass seed, you need to ensure that it is good quality. You will usually notice on the box of the grass seed it will say what sort of areas it is for. For example, it may say for shaded areas or for areas with a high footfall. It is important to check this and choose the right one for your garden.  If the soil is not very good quality, then you need to buy some top soil and mix it in to the dirt before laying new turf or adding the seeds. If adding seeds, you may need to add some sort of netting over the top that stops the birds from eating them.

With both seeds and turfs, watering is vital. You need to ensure that you keep the ground wet and for the first couple of weeks water it twice a day. Do not be temped to walk on it until it has fully rooted into the ground which may take a good few weeks but avoid heavy traffic for about three months to give it the best chance.