How to build the perfect rockery

If you have an area of land within your garden that doesn’t have a purpose then you may want to turn it in to a rockery. A rockery can look extremely attractive and once established, is often very low maintenance.

To create a rockery you first need to lay the foundations. You may wish to raise the area by putting bricks or rubble in a pile. This will not only make it look more appealing once it is finished but it will also help with drainage and give you a good base to start. Next you need to cover this with torn up turf to stop the soil falling through the gaps. Once you have done this stage you can then add a layer of soil and then place your rocks out on the soil to see how they will look.

You may need to move the rocks around a number of times to find a place that you are happy with their positioning. Once this is done and you are happy with the layout of the rocks, infill the rocks with more soil to secure them in to place.

There are certain plants which are better suited to a rockery such as Heathers, Ferns and other Alpines.