How easy is it to grow bamboo?

Bamboo makes a great statement plant in any garden and as long as the variety is one that grows in clumps rather than the species that spreads it can be grown in a sunny spot in large and small gardens alike.

Bamboo thrives best in soil that is rich in organic matter, so a good quality compost or better still homemade compost is necessary to ensure a healthy plant that will produce lots of canes. Patience is needed initially then after a year or two the colour of the bamboo canes begins to develop. Although the traditional yellow and golden cane variety is popular the more recently cultivated black bamboo will provide a dramatic backdrop in the garden or create a stunning feature in a corner of the outdoor space.

Bamboo varieties can be grown in large tubs if you want the flexibility to move the plant to different areas of the garden space and although it will be quite heavy to move it is possible with a wheeled pot base or a few strong people.

Ongoing maintenance of the bamboo is quite straightforward and by simply pruning out the oldest canes as the colour fades the plant will stay looking impressive for years to come.