Grow your own potted potatoes

Even if you do not have a vegetable garden it is still possible to grow your own produce as long as you are willing to be a little bit inventive. Most vegetables and salad can be grown in pots either on a patio or a balcony so that the resulting produce can be enjoyed without too much effort.

Potatoes usually take up a lot of space in the ground but if you choose a smaller variety they will grow quite happily in a large pot. Once you have bought the seed potatoes from a reputable supplier the process of chitting will need to be done. This basically means that the seed potatoes are kept on a windowsill until they are sprouting.

Once they are ready, the seed potatoes can be planted out quite far down in a pot that contains compost. After watering, the pot with the potatoes in needs to be placed in a sunny spot on the patio or balcony. Check each day whether the soil is moist and only water when it is dry as too much water will cause the potatoes to rot.

Once the plants have grown and flowered usually about fifteen weeks after planting, the potatoes should be ready to be harvested and enjoyed.