Festive winter hanging baskets

Have you ever thought about having winter hanging baskets as part of your Christmas outdoor decorations this year? It is not too late to get them planted as most of the plants will be evergreen and winter hardy. Variegated sedge and bronze and purple-leafed ajuga will look amazing in a winter hanging basket and will last throughout the winter months as will variegated ivy.

A common problem in winter is for the hanging baskets to become waterlogged. To help with this issue use a porous liner such as a green fibrous synthetic one or several layers of plastic netting along with an open textured peat free compost or bark chippings.

When ready for planting it is best to pack the plants in closely so that their root balls are touching which will give a much better display as the plants grow. Sprayed fir cones mounted on wire can be added to the baskets to make them look more festive and artificial flowers such as poinsettia can also be added if desired. A really lovely way to add a touch of Christmas to the hanging baskets is to wrap some timed battery lights around the plants so that as it gets dark the lights will illuminate the plants.