Enjoy the relaxing sound of running water in your garden

If you are sitting in the garden relaxing it is lovely to be able to hear the sound of running water and so many people install some type of water feature even if they have a small outdoor space.

Choosing the right water feature for your garden will depend a lot on the position it can be in and the size of the garden. You may want your water feature to be the focal point in the garden or be a more subtle feature such as a small waterfall.

Water features can vary in price by a considerable amount so you will need to think carefully about the effect you want to achieve in your garden so that you buy the one that is most suitable. Most water features will need a pump of some sort which will be need an electrical connection. You will need somewhere to plug the feature in so an outdoor socket may be needed. It is not a safe option to use extension leads and have the pump plugged in inside the house and so you may need to get an electrician to fit an outside electrical socket for you so that your water feature is safe to use.