Easy ways to keep on top of a large garden

If you are fortunate enough to have a large garden then you will be aware of the need to keep up with the maintenance of it in terms of mowing the lawn, weeding the flowerbeds and other general tasks required in a garden. This can be a time-consuming job and unless you can afford to employ someone to do these menial tasks for you and can mean that every weekend will need to be spent in the garden. So, are there any easy ways to make keeping on top of a large garden more manageable?

Well firstly is it possible to convert some of the outdoor space into low maintenance areas for instance install one or two slabbed patio areas? This will cut down on the mowing and provide a seating area for guests.

Planters and pots are a good way to contain plants instead of having large flower beds and take far less time to maintain.

It is a popular idea to leave some areas of the garden to grow wild as this provides food and habitats for wildlife and will encourage birds of different species to visit your garden so leaving some areas to get back to nature benefits both you and the environment.