Don’t let aches and pains spoil your gardening interest

Gardening at this time of the year can be quite strenuous as plants that have finished flowering may need to be pruned back, borders dug over and trees and hedges trimmed so are there are tips for making looking after your garden easier?

Trying to maintain good posture when gardening is vitally important as this will prevent back problems later on. Using a padded kneeler when weeding borders and pots or planting bulbs is a good idea and helps to protect knees from harm. Always remember to keep your back straight rather than hunching over when doing this task.

Digging garden beds allows the winter frost to break up the soil thus improving its structure, so it is a necessity for any avid gardener. Good quality garden tools which are ergonomically designed can take pressure off joints and when used with the correct posture should help to avoid injury to the back, shoulder and legs. Sharp tools work better so make sure that shears, spades and secateurs are sharpened regularly.

If there are any landscaping tasks that need attention such as moving large items around, replacing and renewing fencing or slabbing it is wise to tackle these tasks over a period of time not all in one go or ask someone to assist you making the task much more manageable.