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Stop those pests ruining your greenhouse plants

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be a great way to grow fruit and vegetables throughout the spring, summer and autumn months especially if it is heated as plants are protected from frosts but some garden pests take advantage of the conditions in a greenhouse and make it their home whilst feasting on the produce [Continue]

How to look after your new grass

There may come a time when you need to either lay down some grass seed or buy new turf to cover an area in the garden. Whether using grass seeds or turf you need to look after the grass especially well in the first few months to ensure that it lasts and takes root. Before [Continue]

Protect those delicate plants from frosts

When the temperature plummets and frosts are common, gardeners need to have taken steps to protect non-hardy plants growing in their gardens but how cold is too cold for plants? Different plants are affected by frost and can fail at different temperatures. That is why most plants are given a hardiness rating. It is not [Continue]

Festive winter hanging baskets

Have you ever thought about having winter hanging baskets as part of your Christmas outdoor decorations this year? It is not too late to get them planted as most of the plants will be evergreen and winter hardy. Variegated sedge and bronze and purple-leafed ajuga will look amazing in a winter hanging basket and will [Continue]

Save money on plants for your garden

Buying plants for the garden can cost a fortune but whether you want to fill up the pots and planters in your garden or install ornamental shrubs there are a few ways that you can reduce the costs and bag a variety of plants for free. Joining a local horticultural group if there is one [Continue]

Delightful water lilies without a pond

Maintaining a garden pond can be quite a commitment especially if there are fish to be cared for but some of the joys of having a pond can be experienced with a garden water feature instead. Pond owners often associate the summer months with the opening of the water lilies in their ponds as the [Continue]

How easy is it to grow bamboo?

Bamboo makes a great statement plant in any garden and as long as the variety is one that grows in clumps rather than the species that spreads it can be grown in a sunny spot in large and small gardens alike. Bamboo thrives best in soil that is rich in organic matter, so a good [Continue]