A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Pansies

Pansies are available in a wide range of colours, including orange, yellow, purple and white, amongst many others. They can be grown in pots or planted in borders, and they can even be used as ground cover as well if you want to achieve a flower meadow feel in your garden. Here is a guide to growing your pansies:


1. Plant your pansies in the summer months if you want them to flower in the winter.

2. If you are growing them from seeds, keep them inside for around 6-8 weeks and them move them to the outdoors.

3. Keep pansies around 8-12 inches apart.

4. Make sure the soil is right. Pansies like moist yet well-draining soil.

5. Plant them in a sunny spot. They grow well in the cold weather but they are still going to need plenty of sun.

6. Water on a regular basis.

7. Dehead pansies that have wilted or died to encourage further growth.