How To Find Ideal Driveway Gates For Your Home

Security is a top priority for every homeowner nowadays. The driveway gates not only put a barrier to entry. They allow you to control the access to your property at a considerable distance away from the main building. This will give you an even higher level of security. There are so many options for these doors on the market today. Here are the things you should put in mind when buying these gates; 
Automatic or Manual?

Do you prefer one that is manually opened? If yes, consider if you want to get out of your vehicle whenever you are leaving or entering your property. The automatic ones feature key fobs, password pads and they have always been considered best. Normally, this type costs higher than the manual type, and added costs is required when the mechanism that opens and shuts the gate has to be repaired at a certain time in the future.

How Secure?

Decide if you want the driveway gate to be installed just to add decoration, or if you need it to reinforce the security of your property. A secure type of gate can be pleasing to the eyes but for security purposes, you shouldn’t go for decorative ones.

Secure driveway gates for sale have to be high, sturdy gates that would be hard for someone to climb over. Spikes on the top could help. But this does not mean that your home needs to look like an ugly prison. Plan about how to keep the gate locked.

How Should the Gate Open?

Do you want a driveway gate that swings open or slides open? The sliding option is commonly seen in properties where there’s limited room for a gate to open. If you choose the swinging type, which direction should the gate swing in? If you are in your vehicle, will you not forget that you have to park far enough away to give room for the gate to open? Single-swing gate or double-swing gate? Do you prefer your gate to open in full each time you’ll enter and leave your property, or would you want to include a smaller gate at the side which you could open and close with ease if you are going in or out on foot?

How About the Material and Decoration?

What materials would you like your driveway gate to be created out of? Wood? Wrought iron? Plastic? What about the colour? Will the different components of the gate be in different colours or just one colour for the entire gate? What style is in harmony with the style of your property?

Choosing a Size

You can choose driveway gates for sale from standard sizes which typically range from 10 to 20 feet or consider custom-made driveway gates. In any case, you have to keep in mind that the gate size is the distance between the two posts and not the size of the panel or panels. Most people prefer to invest in a complete system which includes the posts. This makes things easier especially when it comes to installation. If you already have posts or other structures which will be used for the same purpose, you have to select the size extremely carefully.