Delightful water lilies without a pond

Maintaining a garden pond can be quite a commitment especially if there are fish to be cared for but some of the joys of having a pond can be experienced with a garden water feature instead.

Pond owners often associate the summer months with the opening of the water lilies in their ponds as the sight of the impressive blooms is beautiful and worth waiting for however water lilies can be grown successfully in a barrel water feature which requires much less ongoing maintenance than a pond.

Each of the water lily blooms only lasts for three or four days and they actually close at night and open again when the sun is shining directly on the flower so the position of your water barrel will need to be considered if you want the lilies to flower regularly.

Water lilies do not come cheap, but it is best to buy them from a water garden specialist to ensure that they are suitable for your water feature and will thrive in a smaller space. One variety that grows well in smaller containers is the red-flowered James Brydon however an expert at your local garden centre will be able to advise you on alternative water lilies to buy if this variety is unavailable.