Bulbs That Will Flower in July

As we move further into the summer months, lots of plants and flowers will be springing into life. There are many flowers that begin to come out around the month of July (as long as we have good enough weather in the UK of course!) Here are some gardeners’ favourite flowers for this time of year:

• Iris. The distinctive violet and blue flowers of the Silver Beauty Iris will stand out in your garden during the summer months. Other lovely varieties include Apricot Silk and Iris Hollandica.
• Allium. Choose Allium bulbs for vibrant, varied flowers that will light up your garden and create an interesting flowerbed.
• Anemone. Blue Anemones will flower from around July-September, providing a beautiful addition to any border.

Bear in mind that all spring and summer flowering bulbs need to have been planted in advance. They need time to settle in and begin to grow before they will flower.