Are certain plants taking over your garden?

When it comes to gardening you do not need to be an expert to do the basics. Things like cutting the lawns, pulling out weeds and watering the grass or plants are all very easy steps you can take to help maintain your garden.

Certain plants and shrubs can grow very fast and can quickly start to take over. Plants such as Ivy can grow up fences and walls and spread at a reasonable pace. When it starts to grow it will often weave in and out of fence panels and become intwined in brick. You need to take care when removing this to ensure that you do not cause any damage to the thing that it has wrapped itself around.

Some plants like to wrap around others and basically strangle them. You might find that nothing else can grow in that area. If this happens you need to remove the culprit or face it spreading further and killing off all other plants that you have growing.

If you are unsure of what or how to do it then you may want to enlist the help if a gardener. They will have all the correct tools and knowledge to remove it properly and quickly. When getting rid of any plant or shrub, it is important that you remove the route too. If you leave the root in place then it is likely that it will just grow back again.

If you like the plant then you may decide not to get rid of it but instead to contain it. You could buy a trellis that it could climb up and keep cutting it back to ensure it doesn’t grow beyond a certain size that is manageable. If you find maintaining flower beds hard work then why not grass the area instead or even put down bark / gravel. This will ensure that it is lower maintenance. You can then add in flower pots filled with brightly coloured flowers to liven the area up. It is a lit easier to look after flower pots than to have to weed large flower beds. You can even just throw away the plants if they have died off and plant new ones next year. Gardening doesn’t have to be really hard work you just need to ensure that you adapt your garden to work for you and to only need as much time and attention as you can give it.