How To Find Ideal Driveway Gates For Your Home

Security is a top priority for every homeowner nowadays. The driveway gates not only put a barrier to entry. They allow you to control the access to your property at a considerable distance away from the main building. This will give you an even higher level of security. There are so many options for these doors on the market today. Here are the things you should put in mind when buying these gates;  (more…)

Designing a Garden with Entertaining in Mind

If you love entertaining and throwing parties, your garden needs to reflect this as well. You can create a space that is perfect for spending time with friends a family – it just takes a little bit of planning. Here are some tips:

1. Consider how you are going to cook. From BBQs to full outdoor kitchens, there are lots of options.

2. Add levels. Have a level of seating, a level of dining, a space to relax and have some peace… Split them up with steps.

3. Have a specified dining area. If you love entertaining, you need the space to eat. Have a designated place for a large garden table.

4. Install low walls to separate areas. When lots of people are using the garden, they can also double up as seats.

5. Make sure there is shade. Install a pergola, awning or parasols to provide shade for guests (and maybe some shelter if it rains too!)

Building a Gazebo in your Garden

Senior man setting up beach parasol

Building a gazebo is easier than you might think. It can be used as a quiet spot to sit, as a place to entertain or as a supporting structure for plants and flowers. However you use your gazebo, it will make a big difference in your outdoor space.


You can build a gazebo from scratch, though this is much more challenging. You can also buy smaller gazebos whole but then transport can be difficult. The easiest thing to do is to buy a gazebo kit. This will contain all the parts you need to build your own gazebo quickly and easily.


Gazebo kits are available from most gardening retailers. The widest selection will be online and you will have lots of choices. Select the type of wood and finish you want – gazebos can be made from lots of different woods, including oak, larch and redwood. A kit will come with instructions and is easy to put together.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Pansies

Pansies are available in a wide range of colours, including orange, yellow, purple and white, amongst many others. They can be grown in pots or planted in borders, and they can even be used as ground cover as well if you want to achieve a flower meadow feel in your garden. Here is a guide to growing your pansies:


1. Plant your pansies in the summer months if you want them to flower in the winter.

2. If you are growing them from seeds, keep them inside for around 6-8 weeks and them move them to the outdoors.

3. Keep pansies around 8-12 inches apart.

4. Make sure the soil is right. Pansies like moist yet well-draining soil.

5. Plant them in a sunny spot. They grow well in the cold weather but they are still going to need plenty of sun.

6. Water on a regular basis.

7. Dehead pansies that have wilted or died to encourage further growth.

Bulbs That Will Flower in July

As we move further into the summer months, lots of plants and flowers will be springing into life. There are many flowers that begin to come out around the month of July (as long as we have good enough weather in the UK of course!) Here are some gardeners’ favourite flowers for this time of year:

• Iris. The distinctive violet and blue flowers of the Silver Beauty Iris will stand out in your garden during the summer months. Other lovely varieties include Apricot Silk and Iris Hollandica.
• Allium. Choose Allium bulbs for vibrant, varied flowers that will light up your garden and create an interesting flowerbed.
• Anemone. Blue Anemones will flower from around July-September, providing a beautiful addition to any border.

Bear in mind that all spring and summer flowering bulbs need to have been planted in advance. They need time to settle in and begin to grow before they will flower.

Grow Allium Bulbs For Beauty

Allium Bulbs flourish all through the temperate regions of the world. Although their native habitats vary from mountain slopes to Middle East hot meadows and cooler woodlands of North America, all have common characteristics. They all have a family resemblance in root, leaf, flower and aroma. All of them are hardy bulbs. All have simple straight leaves, either flat or round. They all show a flowerhead that is a star-burst of small blooms that radiate from a central core.

Many of these interesting herbs have been part of worldwide cuisines for centuries, and these are the most familiar of the alliums. The majority of them thrive in light textured but organic soil that is well-drained. They love full sun, but will also do quite well in partial shade. (more…)

Some Gardening Tips to Help You This Spring


Spring is an exciting time for gardeners. It’s the time when everything begins to come to life and your garden begins to get itself ready for the warmer weather ahead. It’s also a time that can be difficult for gardeners as there is a lot to do. Here are some top tips to get your garden ready for the warmer spring months:


  • Prepare your soil. If there are places where you are planning on planting, use this time to get them ready. Cover them with mulch and dig it down to a depth of about 3-4 inches. You could also try covering the beds with black sheets to help prevent weeds from growing.
  • Adjust the pH levels of your soil. Spring is the perfect time to add lime to soil that has a pH level of 6.2 or below.
  • Start planting your vegetables. Once the soil is not going to freeze anymore, you can start to plant crops like peas, lettuce, leeks and spinach.
  • Clear drainage ditches. This will help all of your new spring seedlings as the soil they are planted in will be well drained.